The world’s largest spam operator has publicly exposed its entire operation. This spam operator suddenly leaked 137 million e-mail addresses.

Personal information, including email addresses, real names, IP addresses, has been leaked from the Spam operator. America-based spam operator River City Media is an email marketing firm that runs on behalf of 12 people. This institution sends around one billion emails every day around the world.

According to security researcher MACKeeper Wiki, this situation can be a threat to online privacy and security, as it contains 1.4 billion email accounts databases with real names, user IP addresses and living addresses. He said that by this you or anyone you know may have also been affected.

Although the wiki does not fully validate the leak email, but they believe that the addresses they receive are accurate in the database.

Although the Indian government has issued a statement, it states that it is not a source. The country’s federal ID system is included in a few of the world’s databases, which include trillions of people. The speculation continued till the wiki did not make the real information public.

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