Some companies have given mobile-to-mobile charging features. Some smartphones with powerful batteries can be used as a power bank and the second smartphone can be charged. But have you thought, what would happen if a smartphone from another smartphone could be charged wirelessly? Just like using data, we ask friends to tethering on and use the internet in their smartphones.

Japan’s technology giant Sony has applied for a painter mentioning about the wireless power exchange between two electronic devices. These include consumer electronics such as smartphones, computers, microwaves, fridges, TVs and washing machines. That is, the company is already working on state-of-the-art technology.

In the US Patent and Trademark Office, Sony has applied for patent under the name Confognition of Data and Power Transfer in Near Field Communications (NFC). According to this, ways to transfer power and data between consumer electronic devices are explained. Electronic devices with NFC chips can connect by searching other devices similarly. Power transfers can also be done by connecting, as data is transferred by connecting via WiFi hot spots.

However, in details of this patent it has not been clearly written about how this technology will work and how far it can be transferred power to the device.

This patent also does not tell which products will be available in these devices. There will be smartphones or computers. It’s written just here that it will have portable electronic devices. Obviously portable means that there can be computers, TVs and smartphones. It can be expected that in the coming times, the company will present the concept of this technology.

It is worth noting that recently Disney’s Researchers released a Demonstrations video, in which the concept of wireless charging was shown in the room made of aluminum. This concept is quite different from existing wireless charging because currently the dock is used for wireless mobile charging. In such a case, this charging can work just like WiFi.

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