Microsoft almost launched Windows Vista operating system ten years ago today This operating system is considered to be one of Microsoft’s most flopes.

The reason for Vista’s failure is the complex user interfaces from security to. This is the reason that the company had to launch the new OS Windows 7 about two and a half years later. Which is still the most popular OS.

In addition to Windows Vista and Windows 7, there are many Microsoft OS, many of which are on the turf, on many floors. We tell you the story of Microsoft’s hit and floppy OS.

The operating system that hit:

Windows 95:-
The first time since the operating system launched in August 1995, the common users started using Windows OS. The user interface of this OS was designed in such a way that simple users could use it easily. Web browser Internet Explorer was also introduced by people from the same OS. Overall, these OS remains one of the best OS in Microsoft.

Windows XP:-
This OS was launched in October 2001 and is Microsoft’s most running OS. Various changes were made in this way, given the visuals in the Start Menu and Task Bar. Along with this, there was a known Green Start button, Blue Task Bar, Vista wallpaper and many types of shadows and effects.

Windows Xp is the same OS that the text was easy to read for the first time For the first time given inbuilt CD burning. Apart from this, many new recovery tools and automated updates were provided.

Windows XP is one of the best os by Microsoft, it was discontinued in April 2014. After the shutdown of this os, it continued to be used on around 4.3 million pc.

Windows 7:-
This OS was launched for the first time in October 2009. This OS was introduced as a solution to all the problems happening in Vista. In which the repeated dialog box was removed for the ease of the user, as well as its look was even better. The handwriting recognition feature was added to this OS. Hopefully you have to use Windows 7 and you will know many of its features.

Windows 10:-
It was launched in July 2016. When Windows 8 came after Windows 7, it had completely changed, but Windows 8 did not get as good a response from users, so Microsoft introduced Windows 10 in the market. Initially it was not given the start menu, but later the company gave place to the start menu.

The operating system that flopped:

Windows Vista:-
This OS was launched in January 2007. Vista was brought to replace Windows XP. But it failed miserably and failed to replace Windows XP badly. Whether it is user interfaces or discourage people in this OS in every department of FEATURES.

Windows 8:-
Keep Windows 8 in the list of flops after Vista, then there will be no big deal. Surprisingly, there is a case behind having a hold on the mark in the case of Windows Vista. Devlopers disliked it as well as users. The company had built its user interface on the tablet, which the users most liked.

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