Social networking giant has not done anything special in the Facebook hardware yet. However, the company has bought the virtual reality company Oculus. But now the news is that Facebook can tell about its hardware products in April. Because Facebook’s annual F8 conference is only in April. Let me tell you that there is a secret division of Facebook which is also called Building 8 and the company has not yet given much information about it. According to the report of Business Insider, at least four consumer hardware is being developed.

Augmented Reality Camera
One of them is being called a product based reality based camera. This cutting-edge gadget has the ability to replace a virtual object in real world. Actually, not only for your eyes but also for your eyes

Brain scanning technology
According to some reports, a drone is being prepared in Building 8 of Facebook. Business Insider wrote a report on the source, according to which this campus brain scanning technology is also being developed. The command of this project is in the hands of a former neuroscientist of American Research University John Hopkins who has developed the Mind Control Prostatic Arm.

Apart from this, another project is being worked on and this medical application will be based. This project is leading the International Cardiologists of Stanford University. According to reports, Facebook is in the process of launching a fifth project for which its head is being searched.

At the moment, Facebook has not officially said anything about it. So you can wait for the company’s latest gadgets until next month.

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