Apple’s battery replacement has started. Replacing iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7’s battery in Apple Discount Price. Apple has taken these steps after battery consortium. In which Apple had admitted that the company itself slows down the performance of old iPhones. Apple has already started the process of battery replacement in India. You can replace your iPhone’s battery by going to any Apple’s official author retailer, I World.

What will be the discounted price

Considering his mistake, Apple promised to lower the cost of the battery. Now you will have to pay 2000 rupees and tax for the battery replacement, which was earlier Rs 6,500 and tax.

Who can replace batteries?

Every iPhone user who is using the iPhone 6 or above model can take advantage of Apple’s battery replacement program. Prior to this, iPhone users would have to pay 6500 rupees and to pay the tax, so now you can replace the battery by paying just Rs 2000 + tax.

The special thing is that even if your iPhone is not in warranty period you can still get a battery replacement. According to MacRumors reports, Apple has reported that any type of question will not be asked at the store when replacing the batteries of the iPhone 6 and above. You will be able to change the batteries of these iPhones.

How to check the battery status?

You can not locate the replacement battery of your iPhone or not. However Apple has said that in the beginning of this year, the company will update the iOS device through which the users will be able to accurately identify the condition of the battery. According to the company, this feature will be ‘battery health transparency’.

Battery Replacement Program

Apple says this program of battery replacement will be available at discount price till December 2018. But as Apple has already told that they have limited battery stocks now, in such a situation, the battery supply may stop in the middle

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