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Apple Has Start Just Rs 2000 In India. Battery Replacement Program

Apple's battery replacement has started. Replacing iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7's battery in Apple Discount Price. Apple has taken these...

Did You Know? Facebook Can Track You Even You Logged Out

Is the social media website tracking you even after logging out of Facebook? Such allegations are already on Facebook. Social media giants have also...

Don’t Use Public WiFi, It May Dangerous For Your Smartphone

10 Ways to Avoid The Largest Cyber Attack Worldwide There has been a major cyber attack once again in the world including India. Virus such...

Changes In WhatsApp, You Can Also Get This Feature Soon

Last week, it was reported that any type of file will be easily sent to WhatsApp, which the company is rolling slowly. Now news...

Now Xiaomi Redmi 4 Can Be Purchased From Stores In India

Xiaomi Redmi 4 was launched in India in May. This smartphone was made exclusively available on Amazon India and Mi.com. It is now reported...

Now You Can Fund Transfer and Recharge Via Hike

The native messaging platform Hike Messenger released its App Hike 5.0 update on Tuesday, which comes with a wallet. Through this, funds can be...

How to Convert Your Non-Touch Screen PC Into a Touch Screen

In this post we will talk about a device called AirBar from a company named Neonode which makes any PC Compatible to touch. The...

How To Change OEM Information

With the help of this tips, you can add some extra information such as your company name, phone number, website URL and a personalized...

How to Activate Windows XP without a Genuine Product Key

1.) Press Windows+R and type regedit. 2.) Click File – Export and save a copy of your registry in case something goes wrong. 3.) Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersionWPAEvents. 4.) Double click 00BETimer and delete...

How To Resetting Windows Password

Tested on: NT 3.51, NT 4 (all versions and SPs), Windows 2000 (all versions & SPs), Windows XP (all versions, also SP2 and SP3),...

6 Million Android Smartphones Have Been Attacked With This Malware

On the day the Android smartphone users fall prey to any malicious malware. There are reports again that around 6 million Android users are...

How To Check Your Antivirus Is Real Or Fake

First of all press WINDOWS KEY + R to open run command and write NOTEPAD here to open notepad. Now copy and paste the below code into...
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How to Fix “A disk read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”

Technically, this error message comes from your computer’s volume boot sector. When rebooting a MBR based computer, the BIOS reads and runs the MBR boot...

How To Resetting Windows Password

Tested on: NT 3.51, NT 4 (all versions and SPs), Windows 2000 (all versions & SPs), Windows XP (all versions, also SP2 and SP3),...

How To Increase Android Phone Ram

Reasons of Phone Running Slow Your phone might be slow because of these below reasons like- 1- Low phone(internal) memory. 2- Low processor speed. 3- Low RAM. Then what can we do?...
WhatsApp's Pin Chat Feature Will Make Your Work Easier

WhatsApp’s Pin Chat Feature Will Make Your Work Easier

In the instant messaging app WhatsApp, new features have begin. Earlier it was in beta version, but now people have started getting this update. WhatsApp...

WhatsApp’s new feature, now Share Story

WhatsApp was recently reported that its message, "Unsend'and' Edit 'option to give. This new feature is now unfolded. Snap-chat soon as WhatsApp status also...

The first glimpse of the new design of Nokia 3310 series phones!

HMD was recently reported that global Nokia 3310 phone's successor could launch with the new design. These phones will not be much different from...

These Five Smartphone Will Boom in Worldwide This Year

The smartphone will be five years in the smartphone market with the trend-setting also will be a game changer. On the one hand is...

Whatsapp New Feature Added in Android Beta User Gets Gif Image Search

WhatsApp has a new fun feature for users GIF supports instant messaging app WhatsApp begin in November last year. WhatsApp now has a new feature...

Two-Step Verification On WhatsApp

If you're using the beta app, or when the feature rolls out more widely which is highly likely to happen over the coming months,...

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HTML Links HTML Links – Colours When you move the mouse over a link, two things will normally happen: The mouse arrow will turn into a...

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